Sakura & Laxquer Yellow Jade & Cherry Blossom Bracelet

The ultimate in classic Japanese, an antique look of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Flowers, Czech crystal black and gold pressed glass, and yellow jade beads with gold filled bead accents.

Yellow jade resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra. Yellow jade brings one self-confidence, courage, and abundance. It will give you wisdom in silence and tranquility, and it will dispel harm and negativity. It is also known to attract good luck and good fortune.

The jade beads in this piece are 8mm in size and the black and gold Czech glass beads are 6mm in size. The focal cherry blossom Czech glass beads are 14mm in diameter. They are strung on 1mm pre-stretched elastic and are accented with smaller gold-filled beads. Please note that there are variations in natural gemstone beads, and that depending on size, your bracelet may have additional beads.

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