9 Star Ki / Feng Shui Astrology Bracelet

9 Star Ki is an astrological system developed in Japan and based on the Feng shui system of a 9 year and 9 month cycle of energy “ki”. Derived from your birthdate, your reading will give you a:

Principal Number which reflects your overall nature
Character Number which reflects your personality
Energetic Number which reflects your inner personality as viewed by others.

Each of these numbers also have associated lucky colors and elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).  These colors and elements are evaluated in creating your customized bracelet.


You also have lucky colors for the current year.  These colors will also be incorporated into your customized piece.

Along with your custom-made bracelet, you’ll receive a 9 Star Ki customized 9 Star Ki Astrological Chart, and a list of the gemstones used. The following is a sample chart.


Your 9 Star Ki Chart and Analysis
Your 9 Star Ki is: 8 4 9
You are West group person

Your Principal Number Is: 8 and reflects your overall nature.

This is the number which reflects your inner fundamental nature; the number which shows the pattern under which you were born. It is the number which tells a lot about your personality, your nature, your characteristic traits, your positive and negative traits and the like.

Number eight people are intelligent and love to groom themselves. They love to be wooed and being formally treated. Being ruled over by this particular number, number 8 natives are kind-hearted, sensitive and generous. Family is the first priority in the lives of these people, who readily sacrifice anything for the happiness of their family members. They are born with excellent luck in business activities. Physically as well as emotionally these individuals are quite strong and stable. They are quite demanding by nature, yet are warm-hearted people. They are born with certain hidden energies which can be of great help to their family members, friends and colleagues.

Lucky Colors: Black, Blue, Green
Element: Soil/ Earth

Your Character Number Is: 4 and reflects your personality.

This number reflects our behavioral patterns from childhood until we reach the age of adolescence. This number also shows how we, as individuals respond to the pressures, difficulties and challenges of life and how we come out of them.

Number Four people are quite practical, stubborn and are also vulnerable as far as love affairs are concerned. The personality of the number four people is difficult to understand; they are ever changing and dynamic individuals. Ruled over by this number, they are good listeners yet indecisive by nature. They are strict followers of the traditional ideals set by their ancestors. Apart from this, they possess high concentration powers and this particular characteristic trait of theirs makes them great experts of any subject.

Lucky Colors: Dark Green, Red, Blue
Element: Wood

Your Energetic Number Is: 9 and reflects the inner person of you as perceived by others.

Energy Number is the number which describes the side of your personality which you show when you meet a person for the time. The impression which you create upon the others on meeting them is governed by the Energy Number.Number nine people are often referred to as the 'man with good luck.' Nine is an auspicious number, and it is the nature of the number which makes the person lucky. Being ruled by this particular number, you are well known among your friends and relatives and are also kindly. Full of fresh and creative ideas, you are known to work well on creative and artistic projects. You are flexible people who readily accept all kind of changes. Number nine people are always surrounded by an air of superiority which often makes them inconsiderate towards others.

Lucky Colors: Purple, Red, Orange
Element: Fire

Your Element is: Earth

Earth Element symbolizes a steady, reliable and a receptive personality. Earth natives are compromising, soft-hearted and generous as well. Apart from these, you firmly believe and follow your principals and morals. You are practical and logical and a master controller of all situations.Your Lucky Colors for 2021: Brown and Yellow and Beige.

Based on the above chart, the custom bracelet at the top was created. It incorporates:

WHITE - White Jade

BLACK - Amazonite
BLUE - Blue Lace Agate
GREEN - Chrysocolla
GREEN - Green Jade
DARK GREEN - Fancy Jasper
BLUE - Rainbow Tiger's Eye
RED - Tourmaline
RED - African Bloodstone
ORANGE - Orange Jade
PURPLE - Amythyst
BROWN - Smokey Quartz
BROWN - Bronzite
BEIGE - Wood Opalite
EARTH - Rainforest Jasper
FIRE - Fire Agate
Metal - Hematite

All that's needed to create your custom lucky bracelet is your birthdate.