Ecommshipments brings you stylish facemasks, made from 100% cotton fabrics, and filters that filter to 95%. Also available are surgical-style masks and N(ano)95 respirator masks.

Please note that facemasks will go into a separate shopping cart from other items on the Tierra Murra by Ecommshipments website.

Adult Facemasks

We carry over 100 styles of adult facemasks. Masks are 100% cotton with a rear filter pocket.  Filters are made from nano fiber technology and filter to 95%.


Children's Facemasks

For the school-aged little ones in your life, keep them safe with kid's facemasks.


Surgical Style Facemasks
100% manufactured in the USA with up to 95% efficiency at 0.3 microns. Constructed with nanofiber technology



N(ano)95 Respirator - Certified 97% Efficient, 5-Layer Mask with Nano Filtration