Microwave Bowl Holders

Hot/Cold Bowl Holders made of 100% cotton. Holders are reversible with different fabric designs on both sides.

Don't burn your fingers taking hot food out of the microwave.  Put your bowl of cold food into the holder, and microwave. You can safely and comfortably take the hot food out of the microwave.

Holders come in 2 sizes. Small fits a bowl 4" to 6" in diameter.  Large fits a bowl up to 8" in diameter.

Great for gift giving...housewarming, hostess gift, holiday gift giving, birthdays, Mother's Day...

100% cotton fabric on both sides
100% cotton batting (2 layers)
100% cottonthread

Machine wash with like colors and line dry.
With the extra reinforced stitching in the base of the cozy it will retain its shape easily.